Hi! My name is Francesca,
I was born a 29-week preemie,
I'm now over 2 years old.
This is my daily web diary.

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Born on April 22, 2007

October 19, 2009: Yeah I kinda like school

Today my Dad had to go to a meeting with my school teachers to talk about my progress. He was sort of worried before going, but found out I was doing fine. The teachers even told him that I knew things he did not know himself that I knew. It's because my Dad forgot that he gave me a few days ago 3 new DVD's called "Little Pim English ESL" and I learned quite a bit from there. So the school teachers said I could start going to school all 5 weekdays instead of the 3 weekday mornings I go to now, effective immediately. Lucky my Dad is nice and asked me my opinion if I wanted to go to school tomorrow (Tuesday) or after tomorrow (as usual, starting on Wednesday). I answered without hesitation - on Wednesday will be fine, thanks, let's not overdo it. Maybe we start the 5-times weekly next month? Please?

October 16, 2009: It's MY dog!

I got really upset today, let me tell you about it. It all started yesterday when my Dad came to pick me up after school, the teacher told him about some kind of birthday party for a kid who studies with me named Bosco, and something about a present, I did not quite get it. We then drove to CVS, and there my Dad and I looked at the shelves, and we found the cutest little Halloween dog, that if you press his paw he starts singing and his ears go up and down, I loved it! I approved and my Dad bought it as well as a paper gift bag, and we went home. This morning (see first photo on the way to school), my Dad told me to take the bag with the doggie along to school, I thought that's nice, I could show the kids my cute little dog. The birthday party for this kid was quite nice (he turned 2 today), but when the teacher said to give the presents we had brought, I did not understand why I should give him my dog, and I started crying! It's my dog! The teacher was so worried she called my Dad who immediately came and got me, and reassured me that all was ok, and took me straight to CVS to buy another such dog. So now I am happy again, with my singing and ear-flapping dog. Please don't be angry with me, it's not that I am selfish, but it's the first birthday party I ever went to (apart from my own).

See below, is that not a cute little dog?

October 15, 2009: Sleepy!

Today was school day, and this morning I was sooo sleepy! It's funny, I've grown a lot, and now can safely say I'm fully potty-trained. I don't wear diapers at all during the day, and in the evening, if I need to go, I take care of the issue entirely myself. However, at night I don't like to fall asleep alone, and it's quite nice that my Dad stays in my room until I fall asleep. Sometimes I don't fall asleep until 11 PM, I guess it's because I take 1.5-2 hours naps in the afternoon? Could they not start school at 10 instead of at 9 AM? Even so, I would be dying for my Dad to come and pick me up around noon, 2 hours of school is plenty long for me.

October 14, 2009: My favorite DVD's

I just want to let you know what DVD's I've been watching recently. Since I've started going to school, I've watched almost exclusively educational DVD's. My favorite DVD by far is "Арифметика для малышей" (mathematics for babies) , and I watch it anytime I am allowed to use my iPhone, in bed or in doctors waiting rooms. Close second is the series I watch each night "Английский вместе с Хрюшей и Степашкой" which has two of my favorite heroes Khriusha and Stepashka who are learning English. Quite useful since I go to school now 3 days per week and they all speak English over there (well some kids speak only Spanish, just like my swimming teacher). Tonight my Dad was amazed when I translated to him animal names such as monkey, cow, dog, cat, and a few more. Of course I know them, they're in the DVD!

October 13, 2009: Fed up of Bath Shots?

I hope you're not fed up of looking at my bath portraits, that's a favorite time of my Dad, as I don't mind when he photographs me, I can't jump out of the bath and run away, and he's got the white balance perfectly under control in his photo program. I particularly like the portrait of me in the right side of the first row. I had a good time tonight as I was allowed to play as I wish with the shower, and I managed to get everything wet, that was fun! I also love to do my own shampoo and then look at my hand, full of soap.

October 13, 2009: A giant Map

I received a big map of the world today, with many countries and many animals all over. My Dad kept showing me "we are here" (under my head) and "Mommy is there" (where my hand is pointing to). There is so much stuff on that map, it's going to take me months to look it all over.

October 12, 2009 (night): Not going to bed!

No way, I don't want to go to bed now, I'm not going up the stairs! I'm not tired, why does my Dad insist I go to bed at 9:30 - 10 PM after my bath, if I don't fall asleep in any case before 11 PM? He should let me play downstairs longer.

October 12, 2009 (evening): I love Corn on the Cob

My Dad is so nice with me. He knows I love both corn on the cob, and watching my DVD from 8 to 9 PM, and so he allows me to do both at the same time, that's so cool!

October 12: Nice Photo of me watching TV

I'd like to show you today a photo my Dad took of me a couple days ago which I think turned out particularly well. I was eating my crackers while watching TV.

You can enlarge the little photo by clicking on it.

October 11: Prince Vladimir

Today Sunday we passed by a nice Russian church in Miami called Prince Vladimir. It's an Orthodox church, and everyone I saw coming was Russian, but I thought it was funny in the yard they had an American flag.

October 10: Relaxing Evening

Relaxing evening, playing on the sofa, choosing which DVD I want to watch, and posing for my Dad on the stairs.

October 9, 2009: Letters in my Bath

In my bath I play with letters. Of course I'm confused a little with the different languages, but I think I'll get used to it with time. My Dad helped me make up some words from letters, in one of the photos is a hidden message to my Mom, who is now playing a chess match in Ohrid, Macedonia, I hope she sees it and that it makes her happy.

October 8, 2009 (b): Stomach Ache

I have a terrible stomach ache, have been sitting here awhile. The doctor told me to drink some horrible stuff called Pedialyte, but I promise there is NO WAY I will drink it, it's horrible. I wanna drink milk, in the worst case water, but not that stuff! I prefer to die of thirst than drink that $%##! (expletive deleted by webmaster).

October 8, 2009: Me and my iPhone

I love it when my Dad lets me watch my favorite movies on my iPhone, that's so cool. Yes I do have an iPhone, but what I don't understand is why doesn't my Dad let me use it all the time? He seems to be using his own iPhone all the time, so why am I restricted to limited times? I don't undertand, but that's alright, I'm too busy to be watching movies all the time.

October 7, 2009: I made a Bat at School

I went to school today, and I liked it, I did not cry at all, we played a lot and I even made a present for my Mom & Dad - a beautiful bat. They told me it was for Halloween, but I did not understand what that is. I watch each night a DVD called "английскии вместе с Хрюшей" (English with Khriusha), It's fun and very instructive. At school my Dad was given notice he's got to go to see the head mistress on October 19 to speak about my progress, I hope they will not be angry with me, I don't cry anymore at school, that's good, no? Oh, one more thing. I spoke to my Mom for quite awhile on Skype, I was so happy to see her.

October 6, 2009: Back to Bath Routine

After skipping my bath last night, I'm back to my normal routine. I love my baths, I play with a small bottle of J&J shampoo that my Dad refills each night, and I place letters on the wall, that's intellectual.

October 5, 2009: I am not sick!

My Dad was worried about me, since I had some temperature last night and threw up this morning, so he took me to see the doctor. Luckily, after giving me a test, the doctor said I did not have the flu, I was relieved. He told my Dad to give me 5ml of Children Tylenol and 2 ml of Robutussin CF every 4 hours in case of need. Well I can tell you, I'm stronger than my Dad, for sure, there is no way he can make me swallow anything I don't want to swallow. He finally gave up and went to buy some "suppositories" I'm not too sure what those are, he did something with one of them, but I did not see it clearly. Oh, by the way, the first photo below was taken by me, I pressed the button, there's a 10-second delay. Cool technology.

October 4, 2009: I have a cold.

Today's photos are actually from yesterday, I was too tired for new photos today, and because of my cold I did not take a bath. But you can see how I usually take my bath, with all kinds of toys and also with lots of new letters I learn to recognize. I'm still a little confused with the different alphabets, for example the same letter "H" meaning something different in Russian, and in English, not to mention French. Why is there not only 1 language in the world, that would be simpler. The second photo shows me erasing my black board. I prefer to do that with Clorox disinfectant wipes, that's better to get rid of bacteria, I use them all the time.

October 3, 2009: Runny nose.

I was in a sporty mood tonight. I like to play on the carpet turning on my back and also playing with my big ball. I don't know why, but I have a runny nose, strange. It can't be because I went swimming yesterday. So I did not go swimming today, just in case, even though the weather is beautiful over here, over 30 degrees centigrade. Are you jealous?

Remember you can click on a small photo to see a bigger one.

October 2, 2009: Busy day.

Today I was very busy. After school, in the afternoon, I went swimming with my Dad with my nanny Liuda watching us. It was awhile I had not been in the pool because of a cold I caught as soon as I got here. I love to swim and splash! Apart from that, the usual. My Dad allowed me to watch a mathematics DVD on condition I'd eat my corn on the cob. Then I played in my bath. Quite a busy day.

October 1, 2009: Fitness Class and new photos.

My Mom left on a trip today, she's on a plane right now, but she told me she'll come back soon, so I don't worry too much. My Dad took me today to my fitness class, I liked it and as usual, they stamped my hands with a nice monkey, that's cool. Overall I was in a good mood today. I'll update my site more often now, so my Mom can check up on me each morning, even while she's away.

July 16, 2009: Lunch Time!

The photo below was taken by my aunt Ksiushka in Walt Disney World, while I was waiting for my lunch. I was hungry!

July 5, 2009: Beach Time

I'm back in the US, enjoying the morning beach and afternoon pool routine. Next week my Mom promises to take me to Walt Disney World in Orlando, I'm looking forward to that!

January 1, 2009: Happy New Year, Mutzi!

Hello my dear fans! I'm sorry I have not updated my web site in a long time, I promise for 2009 to do so more. My Dad has been very busy and has made a good resolution to help me update my site as often as possible this year. So look out for much more news and fresh photos. Happy New Year 2009 to all preemies and toddlers! Yours truly, Francesca

In the meanwhile, I show you below a photo of me with my lovely doggie-friend Mutzi. I love him very much, and he loves me, he licked me on the face many times, that's so sweet!

More photos and news coming, I promise!

August 24: I'm an Electronics Whiz.

TV's and DVD players are not so complicated to me. I know exactly what button to press to start the DVD player, and as far as the TV is concerned, all I need to do is press all the buttons on the remote and eventually the TV will do its job. Up to now I've been watching a DVD from Tiny Love in Russian, this week I've watched a French DVD called Oui-Oui that my friend Ludivine gave me, I like it.

August 23: Splashing again!

My Dad can't stop taking pictures of me while I'm in my bath, I guess he's waiting for me to splash so hard I'll get his camera wet. He even encourages me to splash, I get the bathroom all wet, that's fun!


August 22: Serious on my Birthday.

Actually I had a good time today, it's the photos which turned out serious. I did not think too much about the fact I'm already... 16 months old! Girl does time pass fast!

August 21: None - I don't have any.

When I can't find what I need, or they ask me a question to which the answer is "No", I answer with my arms like this. For example, my Dad asked me before taking this photo "Where is Moxi?" And since our dog Moxi is not here, I simply answered with my hands. Pretty clear, right? I also do this when my bottle of water is empty. My parents are smart, they then immediately fill it.

August 20: On the Carpet.

We have a nice soft carpet at home, it's very comfortable to lie and play on it.

August 19: Splashing.

I know how to turn on the shower, and boy does it splash, I like that feeling!

August 18: Video: Privet, Kiss, DVD.

I hope you'll enjoy this short video.


August 17: Smelling flowers in Покровское.

Today Sunday I went to see my Mom who is training in a town called Покровское. It was nice and sunny, I was able to walk in the grass and play with her phone, I love do do that.

August 16: Bath Video

I know how to turn on the shower, and boy does it splash, I like that feeling!


August 15: That's me!

It was nice to see on the front page of the Parenting Magazine web site my photo, for everybody to enjoy. Unfortunately I did not win the competition per se, but I am satisfied with having my photo as the first one with the "Hot Shots" notice. I guess it's the heart on my bottom that made me famous...


August 11: Xylophone Tongue.

I have a xylophone, and of course the stick that goes with it. But it's not easy to hit the musical bars, so when I try to hit them I stick my tongue out a little, that helps.


August 9: Would you like some grapes?

I love grapes, you know, the seedless kind. I can eat loads of them, I love the way the pop in my mouth. And even when I only have a few left, I'm ready to offer you one or two. Try them, they're good!

August 8: My favorite DVD.

Yes you know what my favorite DVD is, TinyLove, I'm trying to master the 12-36 month volume, so I need to watch it carefully over and over again.


August 7: Double CHEBURASHKA.

The 2008 Olympics in China just started, and since I'm in Moscow now, I will support the Russian athletes. So I play with the official mascot of the Russian Olympic team, called Cheburashka.


August 6: I can't figure out the code

I found a safe and have been trying all the possible combinations to open it, unfortunately it does not open. It only beeps and after awhile blocks for a few minutes. I like when it beeps, so I regularly try new codes.

August 1-3: Sweet Victory.

Today I accompanied my Mom to her big event, we were very happy because she won and stayed world champion. Look at our color coordinated outfits, pretty nice, huh? Look at the second photo taken on August 3, I am helping her to play chess.

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